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Welcome to Operation Motivation! Empty Welcome to Operation Motivation!

Post by Erica on Wed Dec 31, 2008 11:40 am

Welcome to Operation Motivation!

I bet you're wondering how the site works right? Well here's a few things that should help you to get started.

1. Post an Introduction. We'd love to get to know you, and learn a little bit about you and what you're trying to accomplish here!

2. Set some goals for yourself! Having goals gives you something to work for. Come up with some, and let us know about them in the goals section! I like to have little short term goals that I can accomplish in a few months. That way I get a feeling of accomplishment on a regular basis and I don't get overwhelmed by how big my whole task really is.

3. Check out our monthly exercise challenge. Set a personal exercise goal for yourself for the month, and then report back to the group on your progress!

4. Weigh Ins: we do weigh ins every saturday. They're optional, so don't feel obligated to take part if it makes you uncomfortable, but they are really motivating for me, and some of the others as well. Oh, and you only need to report how your weight changed, not your actual weight, so that makes it a lot less scary!! You never have to actually tell anyone how much you weigh on this site. That is always totally your choice.

5. Post a before picture! I know it's not fun, but just think how great it's gonna be to look back on it a few months from now and see how much you've changed. We've already had a few members post some during pictures and the changes are really fantastic to see! I'm seriously wishing I'd taken an official before picture instead of just using a picture I already had. But even if you don't want to post your picture, you should take a picture for yourself. Even if you never even look at it. You'll be happy you did it later.

We also have great resources and recipes sections. Look through those for some great ideas and inspiration to get you going.

Good luck!!

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